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VRSites - WebXR Games and Experiences for WebXR compatible browsers, all tested on the Oculus Quest


Surf the musical road among the stars. Side project built by two people in a few months to demonstrate WebXR.

Created by Supermedium 

More info: Github

XR Dinosaurs

Come visit our friendly bunch of prehistoric creatures through the magic of Virtual Reality!

Created by Brandon Jones

More info: Github

Mozilla Hubs

Duck-themed multi-user virtual spaces in WebVR. Built with A-Frame.


The Hubs documentation can be found here.


Join us on our Discord Server or follow us on Twitter.

More info: Github


Guide your friends to the exit without them being found. Made for VR, but works on desktop with mouse.

Requires a pointer control

1st place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

More info: Github


Find the blue light.

2nd place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

More info: Github

Ned Snow

Infiltrate in a prision of a dystopian future trying to rescue Ned Snow.

3rd place js13kGames 2020 WebXR 13kb comp

More info: Github

Hello WebXR

This is a WebXR demo made to celebrate the WebXR spec release at the end of 2019.

It showcases several small experiences, perfect to test different kind of interactions and situations in Virtual Reality.

For newcomers, it's a nice entry point to the medium, and web developers may find many things they can reuse and learn (more info on the launch article).

More info: Github


VARTISTE is a 2D / Surface drawing and painting app for virtual reality.

The easiest way to get started using VARTISTE is to read through the Instructions, or launch it from vartiste.xyz

More info: GitLab


You are a monster wreaking havoc in a city. Your goal is to find baby-zilla in one of the buildings — and destroy the city in the process.

Read The Making of ROAR, which includes:

  • game design insights,
  • architecture overview,
  • technical implementation details,
  • lessons learned.

More info: Github

My Famicase VR 2020

Welcome to "My Famicase" LOCKDOWN webxr edition.

VR experience by Hawken King, in collaboration with Meteor. Music by Mark Sparling.

More info: Meteor


Shoot your way through 100 levels of this roguelite bullet hell. Start weak, get powerups, become OP.

Sound effects by PMSFX

Music by Fesliyan Studios

More info: Tyro


Introducing ROVR RUN, the first WebVR game built in 8th Wall.

Drive your lunar rover and collect as many gifts as you can in a race against time!

More info: 8th Wall

Spider-Man VR

Virtual Reality experience based on WebVR, works best with a VR headset like Oculus Quest.

Unofficial, fan-made, open source.

More info: Github

Sol Attrition

The enemy planet is red. Your planet is blue. Unclaimed planets are grey. Conquer enemy planets in this easy-to-learn, hard-to-master strategy game.

Sound effects by PMSFX

Music by Fesliyan Studios

More info: Tyro

Pet me!

"Pet me!" is a WebXR experience where you pet a cat-thing.

Created by Brandon Jones

More info: Github

Jumpy Balls

Jumpy Balls, a little demo Showcasing ecsy-three.

Read the blog post: https://blog.mozvr.com/jumpy-balls

More info: Github

Trajectile Command

Defend your cities from missiles and bombers. Inspired by an old arcade classic.

It's inspired from an old arcade classic called Missile Command. Except updated in a way that would only be possible with a virtual reality headset and 6dof tracked controls.

More info: Adam Alexander

Archery Training

Use your bow and ar­rows to test your ac­cur­acy in this shoot­ing range game.

Shoot all the tar­gets as ac­cur­ately as you can and show every­one that you are the bow mas­ter of the prac­tice range.

Can you reach the top of the world­wide lead­er­boards?

More info: Vhite Rabbit

Iron Ra||ls

Sur­vive the night on the rail tracks, you can’t be sure what might be hid­ing in the shad­ows.

Suc­cess­fully hit your tar­gets to gain points and in­crease your mul­ti­pli­er, which is re­set after a miss.

So be sure to make every shot count! 

More info: Vhite Rabbit


Grab a block by using the trigger button on your controller. 

Hover your controllers around the puzzle. Once the outlines show up, grab the puzzle by using the trigger button on your controller.

Complete the puzzle by combining all the blocks together. Make sure to do a victory dance once you finish the puzzle!

More info: Plockle


Cadenza!! is a free to play rhythm game inspired by the likes of Demmo and Chunithm.

Use the mallets to strike the keyboard keys to the beat of the music.

The bottom half of the keyboard is bouncy; the top half is not.

More info: Github

Back to Space

40 Years ago we thought we had de­feated them.

But they are back! Now it’s up to you!

Shoot the in­vaders out of the sky in this space in­vaders in­spired game.

More info: Sorskoot

Brushwork VR

  • Mix colors on a palette you can hold
  • Use a variety of brushes on a realistic canvas
  • Paint on large or small canvases
  • Add reference photos
  • Share your paintings — your friends can see them in AR on their phone
  • No messy paint and no cleanup!



More info: Website


An opensource voxel engine with a backend implemented in C, 3D pathfinding and physics.

More info: Website