VR Sculpting Discord community

Hello! We have created a VR Sculpting Discord server for people who use VR sculpt softwares like MasterpieceVR, Oculus Medium, Kodon, SculptrVR, etc.

We have not found anything similar, there are lots of art communities on Discord but for traditional and/or specific flat screen software, nothing about VR or VR Tools for art.

So, there you can share your creations, ask for help, critique, share knowledge, share stamps, tutorials, talk about the theme, do challenges, search for people to have a colaborative sessions (multiplayer) and so on. Like the traditional or digital art discord but focused on VR tools.

Now people using Oculus can easily open and pin a Discord window inside the softwares with Oculus Dash and there are also alternative tools for other headsets.

Click below to get an invite to
the VR Sculpting Discord community

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