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Getaway car

You’ve fi­nally worked up the guts to rob that bank like you’ve al­ways talked about. Now, evade the cops as long as pos­sible! Weave through traffic and honk (if you must) un­til your ac­tions fi­nally catch up with you.


  • Both grip but­tons - steer
  • Right trig­ger - ac­cel­er­ate
  • A - honk to move traffic
  • Up/Down Thumb­sticks - ad­just height


Get­away Car was de­veloped us­ing A-Frame and Blender.



  • Pro­gram­ming
  • Game Design
  • SFX


  • Art
  • 3D Mod­el­ing
  • Game Design

Icons from ht­tps://icon­s8.com/

Blue cars provided by Qua­terni­us

Further information at

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