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Welcome to VR co-op! The place to find people to play VR with easily!

Welcome everyone!

I’m creating this welcome post to provide the information people will need upon first visiting.

Finding games:

First things first, you can find the game directory here. Search it using “CTRL + F” on your keyboard and typing the game’s name into the search bar. If the game isn’t listed, contact me here and I’ll add it as quickly as I can.

Creating a comment:

Please use the following template for comments to find other users:

  • Steam Username:
  • Time zone:
  • About me:

You do not need to fill out the “about me” section but you’ll have better luck if you do.


The rules here are simple:

  • Do not post anything unrelated to the subreddit and it’s simple purpose
  • Do not harass any user or reply to any comment for any reason

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