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oVRshot Discord community This server will not only let you communicate and coordinate with other players, but the devs as…

5 months ago

VR Sculpting

VR Sculpting Discord community Hello! We have created a VR Sculpting Discord server for people who use VR sculpt softwares…

7 months ago


AltSpace Discord community On this server you will find plenty of people interested in AltSpace, there are around 100 members…

8 months ago

ShadowCore VR

ShadowCore VR Discord Community This is the Discord channel for ShadowCore VR with 50+ members. Join to hangout with the…

8 months ago

Stand out : Battle Royal

Stand out: VR Battle Royale Discord community This is a large Discord community for Stand out : Battle Royal fans with…

9 months ago


UKRifters Discord community Click below to get an invite to UK Rifters Discord server.

9 months ago


OculusCraft Discord community OculusCraft is a community server for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition VR users with around 50 members. You…

9 months ago

From other suns

From Other Suns Discord server On this Discord server you will find various channels dedicated to From Other Suns, a…

9 months ago

Echo arena

Echo Arena Discord community Join the large Discord community for Echo Arena fans. 300+ Members. There are many sections on…

9 months ago

Social VR

Social VR Discord community The Social VR server is a community of people interested in social and multiplayer VR experiences.…

9 months ago

Star Trek : Bridge Crew

Star Trek : Bridge Crew Discord community This is a pretty large Discord community for Star Trek  : Bridge Crew…

9 months ago

Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried Discord community. In this channel you will find updates, change-lists and more on Dead and Buried with…

9 months ago

The unspoken

The Unspoken Discord community The Unspoken by Insomniac Games is a spell casting VR game. The Discord community contains around…

9 months ago

Dragon Front

Dragon Front Discord community In this channel you will find announcements, server status' and rules directly from the developers. You…

9 months ago

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Discord community Click below to get an invite to the Virtual Reality Discord group.

9 months ago


Zimtok5 Discord community Click below to get an invite to the Zimtok5 Discord group

9 months ago

Janus VR / JanusWeb

Janus VR / JanusWeb Discord community This is the main communication hub for Janus VR related topics. On this Discord…

9 months ago