oVRshot Discord community This server will not only let you communicate and coordinate with other players, but the devs as…

5 months ago

VR Sites

VR Sites #Slack Group One of the OG VR Slack groups! 230+ members (mostly idlers admittedly). There's an introductions and…

6 months ago

VR Sculpting

VR Sculpting Discord community Hello! We have created a VR Sculpting Discord server for people who use VR sculpt softwares…

7 months ago


VRCoop Subreddit Welcome to VR co-op! The place to find people to play VR with easily! Welcome everyone! I'm creating…

7 months ago


AltSpace Discord community On this server you will find plenty of people interested in AltSpace, there are around 100 members…

8 months ago

ShadowCore VR

ShadowCore VR Discord Community This is the Discord channel for ShadowCore VR with 50+ members. Join to hangout with the…

8 months ago

AR/VR/VW Group

Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Worlds (VWs) Note: You will need request access for AR/VR/VW Group. The…

8 months ago

VR Tech

VR Tech group on LinkedIn Note: You will need request access for VR Tech. Stay up-to-date with Virtual Reality news,…

9 months ago

Stand out : Battle Royal

Stand out: VR Battle Royale Discord community This is a large Discord community for Stand out : Battle Royal fans with…

9 months ago


UKRifters Discord community Click below to get an invite to UK Rifters Discord server.

9 months ago

AR/VR Content Dev

AR/VR Content development on LinkedIn Note: You will need request access to AR/VR Content Dev This is a group for developers…

9 months ago

PlayStation Universe

PlayStation Universe VR Forum Discuss anything related to the PS VR and PS VR games here.

9 months ago

VRDB forum

VRDB Forums VRDB forum is a developer run community, that aims to connect the dots between developers of VR hardware,…

9 months ago

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Forums Last 10 threads from the PlayStation VR Forums

9 months ago


VRSpies Forums Virtual Reality Discussion Forum Moderated by the VRSpies VR Network Last 10 topics from the VRSpies Forum

9 months ago

Tom’s guide

Tom's Guide VR Forums

9 months ago


VRHeads Forums Last 10 threads on the VRheads Forum

9 months ago


OculusVR Forums Visit the official OculusVR Forums for general discussion. Other topics include Oculus Quill, Oculus Medium, GearVR, games and…

9 months ago


WebVR Subreddit WebVR brings virtual reality to web browsers using WebGL and new VR APIs. The last 10 threads in…

9 months ago

VR Videos

VR Videos Subreddit The go to community for all virtual reality compatible videos for viewing with VR headsets such as…

9 months ago


Virtuality Subreddit You've landed in Reddit's meeting space and network for all things virtuality. The term "Virtuality" is an umbrella…

9 months ago

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Subreddit We are a common ground for discussion relating to Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds. Discussion relating to…

9 months ago